Acceptable Identification

In order to go through security checkpoints at PIA, passengers need to have identification forms, acceptable by both the airport and the airline they are flying with. These documents must represent passengers' identity, employment eligibility, or both.

Identification forms that establish a person's identity are driver's license; government-issued ID card( with name, date of birth, gender, eye color, height, and photo on it); school ID card; Voter's registration card; Military dependent's ID card; Native American tribal document, etc. Documents that establish employment eligibility are social security cards issued by social security administration, U.S. citizen ID card, unexpired employment authorization document issued by USCIS, and so on. Identification Documents that establish both are U.S. passport, certificate of U.S. citizenship; certificate of naturalization; unexpired temporary resident card, etc.

TSA security checkpoint

Every airline at PIA, suggests a different amount of time for checking and going through the security checkpoint. One recommendation is that every passenger should be at the airport two hours before departure.

From spring 2018, at General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, Transportation Security Administration implemented stricter security procedures. At security desks, TSA employees are asking passengers to remove their electronic devices that are more than a cell phone in size. The devices should be placed in the bin with nothing on top of them. X-ray checks the containers, and a full-body scanner checks individual passengers too. Aerosol, gel, sharp items, and glass bottles are strictly prohibited.

PIA administration recommends passengers to organize their carry-on bags before going through the scanners. Passengers should not overstaff their bags and must answer to every question TSA security employees ask.


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